What Can I Do to keep my AC running well

During the cooling season, check monthly for free flow of
drainage and clean if necessary.
These tips will help keep the air conditioner looking better
and working more efficiently:
1. Free flow of air is essential. Keep fences, shrubs,
trash cans, and other obstructions at least 18
inches (457mm) from all coil inlets.
2. Keep the coil free of grass clippings, leaves,
weeds, and other debris.
NOTE: Coil may occasionally require cleaning
with a liquid solution. The coil must be cold when
cleaning. Use an alkaline based cleaner only.
Cleaning a hot coil or using an acid based cleaner
will remove the paint from the fins and may clog
the coil.
3. Never use a weather cover over the outdoor unit
unless it is a ventilated type or made of breathable
fabric that will allow moisture to evaporate rapidly.
A cover that holds moisture in the unit will cause
more rust buildāˆ’up and damage than normal
exposure to weather.