Hvac Thoughts

HVAC Thoughts WINDOW CONDENSATION What can we do? Introduction Its winter time here in Minnesota so naturally we are fielding a lot of calls and questions about excessive and even frozen moisture on windows. Calls like this are second only to “no heat” calls and they usually start out like this: “Our windows are all […]

Is it time to replace my AC?

Replacing An Existing Air Conditioner If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, needs expensive repairs, or no longer keeps you comfortable, it may be time to replace it. Look for performance certified equipment, which guarantees you that the manufacturers’ claims of energy efficiency performance are accurate. You can search the free (AHRI) […]

What Can I Do to keep my AC running well

During the cooling season, check monthly for free flow of drainage and clean if necessary. Cleanliness These tips will help keep the air conditioner looking better and working more efficiently: 1. Free flow of air is essential. Keep fences, shrubs, trash cans, and other obstructions at least 18 inches (457mm) from all coil inlets. 2. […]


After years of debate, the Department of Energy has finalized their new regional standards for HVAC equipment.  The new rules will become effective in May of 2013. What will impact homeowners in Minnesota, is the requirement of 90% minimum efficiency for all furnaces sold.  We’re not talking about just new construction, but retrofit as well. […]