Getting Your Air Conditioning Right

In order to know the exact Btu heat-loss/heat-gain of your house, a Manual J load calculation must be performed. All rooms, windows, doors, materials, and local climate have a say in the final size of your system. The most common sizing mistake is over-sizing. This not only makes the new system more expensive to install, […]

Indoor Air Quality and the Flu Season

Influenza viruses are spread from person-to-person in respiratory droplets of coughs or sneezes.1 During flu season and throughout the year, families are exposed to viruses that circulate in the air they breathe indoors, so taking measures to prevent illness makes sense. Getting a flu shot, eliminating germs on surfaces through cleaning, and washing hands often […]

Heat Pumps

A combination furnace and air source heat pump system (also know as “dual fuel”, or “hybrid heat”) is one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home. A heat pump looks exactly like a typical central air conditioner on the outside. On the inside, however, are controls that allow it to run […]